April 28, 2018
2 months and 19 days since
the event.
Lace up your shoes for the....

Feisty Fox Challenge!

On April 28, 2018, the Jones Elementary School family will participate in the Feisty Fox Challenge, an obstacle course run, to raise funds for the Jones PTA, which supports classroom education, enrichment learning, technology, facilities, community-building and fun!

Historically, our "fun run" event has raised funds to build our playground, outdoor classroom and numerous necessary technology initiatives. Our students will take on a new challenge this year, conquering obstacles along the run course, and working as a grade-level team to reach the finish line.

In addition, the Feisty Fox Challenge will include a Community Wellness Fair with health and medical providers in our local area.

Jones Elementary is an active and healthy community and will be looking to achieve the designated Wellness School certification this year. Please support our efforts.